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    Do You Need Dental Cleaning?

    Teeth cleaning, also called dental prophylaxis, is a dental procedure that aims at removing plaque build-up, stains and tartar from your teeth. When traditional dental cleaning practices like brushing and flossing fail to give you the desired oral hygiene, professional teeth cleaning is recommended.

    Some conditions where it becomes a necessity include:

    • Excessive accumulation of plaque and tartar: If you notice that high amounts of tartar and plaque are getting accumulated in your teeth, then you must make no delay in visiting your dentist to get them removed.
    • Gum Disease: People who are suffering from gum disease or those who have a history of gum disease must undergo regular teeth cleaning to effectively maintain the disease and minimise the possibility of its progression.
    • Teeth Stains: If you have visible stains on the surface of your teeth then dental cleaning can help to remove them. It ultimately assists in enhancing the overall appearance of your teeth.
    • Bad Breath: Poor oral hygiene is one of the major causes of bad breath. Professional teeth cleaning services are an excellent solution to this problem.
    • Oral Health Concerns: People having certain oral health conditions like gingivitis, cavities etc are generally recommended teeth cleaning as a prominent part of their treatment plan.
    • Smokers/Tobacco Users: People who frequently smoke or take tobacco are more prone to developing tooth discolouration and stains. Moreover, their oral health also tends to decrease over time while increasing the chances of developing dental issues. Therefore, regular teeth cleaning can help such people stay away from oral health problems in the long run.

    Oral Hygiene Evaluation: What Happens in the Initial Check-Up?

    A dental checkup involves the examination of your overall oral health and proceeds in the following 8 steps:

    1. Medical History Review

    The first step involves a careful analysis of your medical history. It includes examining:

    • Any existing health conditions
    • Medications
    • Allergies

    The examination enables the dentist or dental hygienist to get an idea about your overall oral health. It also allows them to detect any potential risks or medicinal interactions that may occur.

    2. Examination of Teeth

    The oral health examination is followed by another detection procedure that locates the presence of cavities, tooth decay and other abnormalities.

    3. Gum Evaluation

    During gum evaluation, your gums are inspected for symptoms that might signal gum disease. These typically include:

    • Inflammation
    • Bleeding
    • Recession

    4. X-Rays (if required)

    X-rays aid in the identification of hidden issues like:

    • Tooth Decay
    • Bone Loss
    • Impacted Teeth
    • Jaw Issues

    5. Oral Cancer Screening

    The main purpose of oral cancer screening is to spot the signs of dental abnormalities like:

    • Sores
    • Lumps
    • Discolouration

    If oral cancer is identified at an early stage, it can be appropriately dealt with to largely enhance the treatment outcomes.

    6. Cleaning and Scaling

    Dental scaling and polishing is one of the most crucial steps of a dental checkup. It is performed for the removal of tartar, plaque and teeth stains to limit the development of cavities, gum diseases and other associated dental problems.

    7. Fluoride Treatment

    Sometimes, a fluoride treatment may be necessary for:

    • Strengthening the teeth enamel
    • Protecting the teeth from decomposition

    8. Discussion and Recommendations

    At last, the results of all the examination procedures are discussed. Your dentist will give you instructions regarding the maintenance of your oral health and suggest treatment options.


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      Tanvi Joshi
      Tanvi Joshi
      Dr.Urvashi Pithadia is an impeccadle doctor for dental care.All the equipments used here are of latest technology.Consultation given by Dr.Urvashi is insightful.When it comes to your dental care pithadia clinic is a go to place for all your dental solutions.
      Shekh Irfan Ansari
      Shekh Irfan Ansari
      Excellent services
      BHARAT Azamat Ali
      BHARAT Azamat Ali
      Best experienced clinik in Mumbai .and very simapthyfull doctor.fully advanced instrument used in clinic
      Most efficient doctor for dental solutions, my mom got her treatment done here, and the treatment was so smooth and hyginic.
      Sharon Dsouza
      Sharon Dsouza
      Dr Pithadia is a very good doctor and explains the procedure well. Highly recommended.
      vishal pithadiya
      vishal pithadiya
      Excellent service
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      I am very overwhelmed and pleased with the care and treatment the hospital and its staff provide.I had undergone rootcanal treatment which was almost a painless procedure because the doctor took utmost care!!!Extremely grateful for the quality care the provide.Thank you so much!Extremely thankful to Dr Urvashi Pithadiya!!
      Heema Parmar
      Heema Parmar
      Highly recommended for best dental treatment
      deepak bankey
      deepak bankey
      superb 👏🏻


      Meet Our Doctor

      Dr. Urvashi Pithadia

      BDS, MDS

      Meet Dr. Urvashi Vijay Pithadia, a passionate dentist dedicated to creating healthy and beautiful smiles. With a focus on personalized treatment, she educates patients about preventive measures and offers comfortable, painless procedures. Dr. Pithadia completed her undergraduate degree at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital and pursued her postgraduate specialization in Prosthodontics at S.M.B.T. Dental College and Hospital. 


      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure


      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.


      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      How Much Does Cleaning And Filling Of Teeth Cost?

      The total cost of teeth cleaning and teeth filling teeth varies based on determinants like:

      • The region where the dental clinic is located
      • The dentist’s experience and expertise
      • The type and extent of cleaning or filling needed
      • And, the severity of your dental problem

      Remember that these are only approximate values and would differ for every patient based on the complexity of their case and other factors mentioned earlier. Moreover, if you have a dental insurance plan that covers a part of these costs, then the overall expense will be lesser.

      You must always visit a qualified dentist to find out about the exact cost of teeth cleaning and teeth filling in your locality. They can assess your condition and carry out an oral health evaluation to suggest the best treatment options under your budget.

      Benefits of Getting a Regular Dental Checkup

      Regardless of whether you have any dental problems or not, it is essential for people of all ages (especially older adults and teenagers) to get a dental checkup done regularly. Likewise, a dental checkup not only helps to eliminate the underlying disease from progressing but also preserves your oral hygiene and helps you to maintain it to a greater degree.

      Here are 6 of the fundamental benefits of indulging in routine dental checkups:

      1. Early Detection of Dental Problems

      Routine dental check-ups support early detection and identification of dental problems. Hence, it enables you and your dentist to take the required action to prevent and eliminate such diseases on time.

      2. Preventive Care

      They say prevention is better than cure. For people who don’t have a history of dental issues, regular dental cleaning aids in getting rid of stains, plaque build-up and tartar. Ultimately, it makes you less vulnerable to cavities and other gum diseases.

      3. Oral Cancer Screening

      Did you know that the total incidence of lip and oral cancer in 2020 was 377,700 worldwide? Henceforth, oral cancer screening is one of the most essential components of dental cleaning procedures as it supports early identification of oral cancer that consequently leads to better and more successful treatment.

      4. To Maintain Good Overall Oral Health

      Based on your individual case, your dentist recommends the most appropriate dental care practices to help you achieve the highest level of oral hygiene to lead a healthy life and have a brighter and more radiant smile.

      5. Timely Restorative Treatments

      Routine dental checkups facilitate timely treatment of cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases. They help to keep your teeth healthy so that they don’t undergo further damage.

      6. Saves Time And Money In The Long Run

      Visiting your dentist once every 3 months or visiting your dentist every week, what would you prefer? The former, right? Certainly, when the need to visit a dentist every other week arises, it not only consumes your time but adds to your expenses.

      On the contrary, when your dental problems are detected early on, the chances of them turning into serious oral health issues wipe out. Hence, regular dental checkups cut down this risk ultimately saving a lot of your time and money.

      Why Choose Dr Pithadia's Clinic For Dental Checkup?

      Visiting Dr Pithadia’s Clinic to get a dental checkup is a great decision for your oral health. Here’s why:

      Skills and Knowledge: Our team has well-qualified and knowledgeable dental professionals who have attained mastery in performing dental checkups. Through years of practising dentistry, we have accumulated enough experience in providing accurate oral health assessments to assist your every dental need.

      Personalised Care: One size fits all doesn’t work in terms of health and wellness. That is why we provide personalised treatment solutions based on your individual case. Your dental checkup will therefore be specially designed to cater to your unique requirements.

      State-of-the-Art Technology: The collaboration of technology and medical science has led to the development of some of the best tools and equipment that have made the diagnosis and treatment of dental issues easier and better over time. At Dr Pithadia’s clinic, we make use of such advanced technology to bring you the best possible dental care through highly precise dental checkups.

      Comprehensive Examination: Our services cover a wide range of procedures including:

      • A thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums and your complete oral cavity.
      • Assessment of bite alignment
      • Oral cancer screening
      • Evaluation of existing dental health issues

      Patient Education: How can you take care of a problem if you’re not even aware of what it really is about? That is why, our goal is to not only perform the dental checkup but also empower and educate you on methods that can help you maintain good oral health over a long time.

      Trust and Reputation: We are proud to claim that we have a well-established history of successful dental treatments and happy and satisfied patients. Our reputation speaks for itself as we go on to provide high-quality dental care through our excellent teeth cleaning services.

      Treatments under your budget: We truly believe that dental care should be accessible and affordable for all. That is why we offer competitive pricing that enables everyone to avail of good quality dental treatments at a price that doesn’t go beyond their range.

      So, schedule a dental checkup today and experience the wonders of living with confidence in a world that’s constantly pointing out your discoloured smile!

      When To Go For Dental Plaque Removal And Not Other Treatments?

      A dull and sticky coating that comprises bacteria and covers the outer layer of teeth is called dental plaque. It poses a great threat to your oral health if not removed and cleaned timely. Therefore, dental plaque removal is one of the most crucial aspects of dental cleaning as it helps to prevent the onset of a wide variety of dental diseases.

      Some specific situations in which dental plaque removal is the recommended treatment involve:

      Tooth decay prevention: Since dental plaque is formed of bacteria, it tends to release acids that cause harm to the tooth enamel ultimately leading to an increase in the growth of cavities and tooth decay.

      Preventing the occurrence and worsening of gum disease: Unattended plaque causes irritation and inflammation in the gums. With time, this problem takes the form of gingivitis and may even progress excessively to give rise to periodontitis, a serious gum disease.

      Timely Identification of Oral Problems: A plaque removal procedure might require more than one dental checkup. During these examinations, the chances of discovering the presence of hidden oral problems like oral cancer increase. The sooner these problems are uncovered, the quicker they can be treated.

      Tartar Removal: Tartar is nothing but excessively accumulated and solidified plaque. It is also called calculus and does not go away with regular brushing. Dentists can effectively remove tartar using specialised tools during plaque removal.

      Cost Of Teeth Cleaning In Kharghar

      The cost of teeth cleaning in Kharghar fluctuates based on:

      Dental Practice: The way of pricing professional dental cleaning services by a clinic is determined by:

      • The clinic’s reputation
      • The expertise of the dental team
      • The level of technology used
      • And, the quality of equipment available for treatment

      Dental Professional’s Experience: If you choose a dentist who has a significant amount of experience and carries specialisation in performing varying dental procedures, then his charges will likely be more than the standard charges. Nevertheless, his quality of services would also be much better.

      The Extent of Cleaning Required: People with a considerable amount of tarter and plaque buildup in their mouth or those who have extremely poor oral health require extensive cleaning which takes more time and consumes more effort of the dental hygienist. As a result, the treatment charges increase.

      Additional Treatments: The requirement of additional treatments like that for cavities, gum disease and the use of dental X-rays may cause an increase in the total expenses.

      Frequency of Dental Cleanings: If you have extreme oral hygiene issues then the frequency of the teeth cleaning procedures required would significantly increase leading to a rise in dental checkup charges.

      To get a more accurate outline of teeth cleaning services in Kharghar, contact us today at Dr Pithadia’s clinic. We have a team of experienced and qualified dental hygienists who are devoted to providing you with the highest quality of services at a price that doesn’t go beyond your budget.

      How To Select The Best Clinic For Teeth Cleaning?

      Selecting a good dental clinic is the first step towards ensuring that you avail high-quality care with a positive overall treatment experience. So, here are a few factors you must consider:

      • Reputation and Reviews: Any clinic that has a good reputation with positive patient testimonials would certainly be able to provide you with good-quality treatments. You can also read their online reviews to get an insight into how they function with the help of patient feedback.
      • Qualifications and Expertise: If you can, try to find out about the qualifications of the dentists practising in your chosen dental clinic. You should always choose those dental professionals who have taken the necessary training and particularly specialize in professional teeth cleaning.
      • Hygienic Environment: Most reputable dental clinics have their own website. You can get the link to that website by the use of online maps. Look for the recent images of their interiors to find out if they have a clean, hygienic environment.
      • Range of Services: A good dental clinic would offer a wide range of services apart from just teeth cleaning. Availability of additional treatments like dental implants, root canals, teeth fillings etc at the same clinic saves you from the hassle of going elsewhere in case of any dental emergencies that may arise.
      • Way of Communication: You can know a lot about what your experience is going to be like in the initial consultation with the dentist by the way they communicate and guide you through the treatment process. A polite, kind, clear and transparent way of educating you about your dental health issues and suggesting treatment methods is an indication of a reputable clinic that would not disappoint you.

      Is It Painful To Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

      Teeth cleaning is a routine dental procedure that generally doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. During the process, dental professionals use specific tools and techniques to eliminate stains, tartar and plaque from your oral cavity.

      However, it is normal to experience a slight amount of sensitivity as the treatment proceeds. This mild discomfort is generally tolerable and usually goes away after the dentist stops operating on your teeth as its major cause is the pressure that comes from the vibrations exerted by the cleaning tools.

      Nevertheless, if the pain is extreme and persists for longer then you must immediately tell your dentist to change the technique or utilise a better desensitising agent. It is their responsibility to adjust the procedure to provide you with the maximum comfort and care.

      Do Teeth Cleaning Remove Bad Breaths?

      Yes, dental cleaning can significantly minimise halitosis, commonly called bad breath. Bacteria build-up and other food particles that eventually take the form of decay, tarter, plaque etc start releasing bad-smelling gases that mix with your breath to ultimately produce bad breath.

      By eliminating the bacteria and debris that contribute to bad breath, teeth cleaning can significantly improve the freshness of your breath. Additionally, the cleaning process also involves cleaning the tongue and other areas of the mouth, further reducing the sources of bad breath.

      When you undergo professional teeth cleaning, this bacteria, debris etc is removed leading to an improvement in the way your breath smells. Other sources of bad breath can be your tongue and other areas of your oral cavity. Since most dental cleaning procedures cover your whole mouth, all these sources are also cleaned resulting in freshening up of your breath.