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    Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

    The main aim of a root canal treatment is to help you get rid of the decay which is present in the internal region of your teeth called pulp and the root. It is also called dental pulp therapy because it deals with the inflammation of dental pulp which happens as a result of the deep penetration of tooth-destructive bacteria.

    The dental pulp contains the following:

    • Nerves
    • Connective Tissue
    • Blood Vessels

    When the damage-causing bacteria reaches the innermost core of your teeth, inflammation happens. This inflammation produces problems like increased sensitivity, irritation and discomfort. If you do not treat it on time then it poses the risk of developing into an infection which will ultimately lead to the death of the dental pulp after causing severe pain.

    Therefore, to prevent the destruction of your dental pulp it is crucial to get a root canal treatment as soon as possible.

    What causes a dental pulp infection?

    Some of the major causes of dental pulp infection include:

    • Severe gum diseases. For example, periodontal disease.
    • For people who have recently taken any other dental treatment, the chances of catching a dental pulp infection increase
    • Presence of cavities and tartar
    • Repeatedly chewing ice
    • Mouth or dental injuries
    • Tooth fillings
    • If you have a habit of frequently grinding your teeth

    When to Seek the Expertise of an Endodontic Specialist?

    Some indications where taking Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) becomes a necessity include:

    • If you have a persistent toothache that doesn’t fade out after some time and if it keeps on reoccurring.
    • If your teeth have turned into a greyish-black colour
    • If your gums have swollen along with extreme pain in your tooth. Particularly when the swelling keeps on appearing and disappearing after set intervals of time and the surrounding area becomes either very sensitive or almost numb.
    • If your teeth have become extremely oversensitive towards hot and cold temperatures. Especially when it makes consuming hot or cold edibles a challenge.
    • The tooth where an infection has developed usually becomes loose. Getting a root canal treatment can fix this issue. However, if more than one tooth is feeling loose then treatments other than endodontic therapy may be recommended.


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      Tanvi Joshi
      Tanvi Joshi
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      Shekh Irfan Ansari
      Excellent services
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      BHARAT Azamat Ali
      Best experienced clinik in Mumbai .and very simapthyfull doctor.fully advanced instrument used in clinic
      Most efficient doctor for dental solutions, my mom got her treatment done here, and the treatment was so smooth and hyginic.
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      Sharon Dsouza
      Dr Pithadia is a very good doctor and explains the procedure well. Highly recommended.
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      vishal pithadiya
      Excellent service
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      I am very overwhelmed and pleased with the care and treatment the hospital and its staff provide.I had undergone rootcanal treatment which was almost a painless procedure because the doctor took utmost care!!!Extremely grateful for the quality care the provide.Thank you so much!Extremely thankful to Dr Urvashi Pithadiya!!
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      Highly recommended for best dental treatment
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      deepak bankey
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      Meet Our Doctor

      Dr. Urvashi Pithadia

      BDS, MDS

      Meet Dr. Urvashi Vijay Pithadia, a passionate dentist dedicated to creating healthy and beautiful smiles. With a focus on personalized treatment, she educates patients about preventive measures and offers comfortable, painless procedures. Dr. Pithadia completed her undergraduate degree at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital and pursued her postgraduate specialization in Prosthodontics at S.M.B.T. Dental College and Hospital. 


      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure


      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.


      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      Why Choose Dr Pithadia for Root Canal Treatment?

      Here is a list of some of the most prominent reasons that justify why choosing Dr Pithadia’s clinic in Kharghar is a good idea:

      • Experience : With a history of performing a generous amount of successful root canal treatments, Dr Pithadia’s team possesses the necessary experience, skills and qualifications that enable them to provide the best quality of dental care.
      • Advanced Technology : At Dr Pithadia’s clinic, we make the best use of modern technological tools and utilize the latest treatment methods to attain the most precision while performing root canal procedures. Hence, we ensure that you not only have a painless experience but also spend minimum time getting the treatment done.
      • Painless Treatment : By means of modern anaesthesia, we make sure that you don’t experience any discomfort or irritation. Our team carries out every treatment in a way that makes sure you feel completely at ease and remain in a relaxed state of mind before, during and after the completion of your treatment.
      • Comprehensive Communication : We believe in building good patient-doctor relationships through the means of transparent communication. Therefore, we take the time to have a clear and direct discussion about your problems, suggesting the most suitable treatment options and addressing your every concern in the best possible way.
      • Competitive Pricing : Dr Pithadia aims at making supreme quality dental care services available and accessible for people of all backgrounds. That is why we have competitive pricing for root canal treatments to help you maintain good oral health without digging a hole in your pocket.

      So, why go somewhere else when you have all your answers here only? Visit us today to start your journey towards a better, happier and healthier smile!

      When To Go For Root Canal Treatment And Not Other Treatments?

      Your dentist would typically recommend to you a root canal surgery when your dental pulp catches an infection, becomes inflamed or gets severely damaged. It can happen because of reasons like:

      • Extreme tooth decay
      • A cracked tooth
      • People have frequently undergone dental procedures
      • Teeth trauma

      Unlike tooth extraction, a tooth decay treatment is a more viable solution that doesn’t remove but saves your extensively decayed tooth. Your root canal dentist does this by:

      • Removing the infection and the inflamed area of the dental pulp
      • Cleaning the interior portion of the affected tooth
      • Forming a protective layer over the infected tooth with the help of dental filling or dental crowns.

      Eventually, pulp canal therapy results in the ultimate elimination of toothache, thereby stopping the infection from spreading as well as restoring your tooth’s original functionality.

      Likewise, the main goal of root canal surgery is to save the natural structure of your damaged tooth up to the maximum extent.

      Specifically, root canal therapy is the preferred treatment choice when you don’t want your natural teeth to be removed. Moreover, by saving your natural teeth, a root canal also eliminates the possibility of undergoing more complicated procedures like dental implants, bridges etc.

      However, it is always a better idea to take the advice and consultation of a skilled dental professional to make the ultimate decision about whether to undergo a root canal treatment or not.

      They can evaluate your oral health, discuss your individual situation and suggest the best treatment methods based on your personal requirements to help you achieve the most appropriate dental care.

      Root Canal Cost In Kharghar

      The root canal costs in Kharghar can vary significantly.

      This range would vary from person to person depending on:

      • The complexity of your case
      • The extent of decay present on the tooth that is being treated
      • The experience, qualifications and expertise of your chosen dental professional
      • The reputation of the clinic where you decide to undergo the treatment
      • The type of tooth restoration measures essential to take after the treatment completes

      Additionally, the overall root canal therapy expenses also include:

      • Consultation charges
      • The examination fees
      • Extra charge for diagnosis using X-rays
      • Anaesthesia expenses
      • The cost of tooth canal procedures (all-inclusive for methods applied and tools used)
      • The restoration techniques (Examples include a tooth filling or dental crowns)

      In some cases, added procedures like apicoectomy might be required. These would be charged extra.

      Another major factor influencing the overall charges of your root canal treatment is the type and material of the chosen dental crowns. These are applied after the completion of your root canal.

      Dental crowns are nothing but teeth caps that encase your damaged and decayed teeth to form a protective covering that aids in healing the infection. Crowns become a necessity in case of broken, degraded and worn-out teeth. They come in different varieties and if maintained properly, they have the potential to last for anywhere between 5-15 years.

      For an accurate estimate of the root canal cost in Kharghar, you can reach out to us. We at Dr Pithadia’s clinic provide unbiased advice on what is best suited for our patients based on the situation.

      How to Select the Best Clinic for Root Canal Treatment?

      Here are the key factors to consider while picking the best clinic for root canal treatment:

      • Expertise: Since a root canal involves operating directly on your damaged teeth, it is crucial to look for a clinic which has professionals who have proven experience in carrying out successful root canal treatments. Their skills would determine the quality of dental care that they can provide throughout the treatment.
      • Advanced Technology: Why risk your dental health by choosing a clinic that has only the basic dental equipment? Always look for a place with modern technology and prioritise the use of the latest equipment to minimise the chances of side effects and maximise the potential of getting better, more long-lasting results.
      • Positive Reputation: Patient history, feedback and reviews say a lot about a dental clinic’s reputation and about the way they function. Patient testimonials are therefore a key factor that can help you get an understanding about the quality of services offered at a clinic.
      • Patient-Centred Approach: Any clinic that prioritises open communication with patients and doesn’t hesitate in providing you with answers to all of your questions to address every concern in detail would certainly match your expectations during the treatment. If the staff is willing to cooperate, it is definitely a positive sign.
      • Hygienic Environment: A root canal treatment deals with the infection that is present in your teeth. Certainly, maintenance of a good clean and hygienic environment is a highly crucial feature to make sure that in the process of getting rid of one infection, you don’t catch another.
      • Affordability: Always compare the prices of multiple dental clinics to pick out the option which fits the best in your budget.

      What Are The 3 Stages Of Root Canal Treatment?

      The three stages of a root canal treatment include cleaning, disinfecting and finally sealing the affected area, to preserve a tooth’s structure and prevent the further spread of infection.
      Below we have given a detailed overview of these three stages:

      1. Cleaning And Shaping: In the first stage, your dentist will access the pulp chamber of the decayed tooth to remove the infected part followed by a thorough cleaning of the canals with the help of specialised instruments. At the end of this stage, the tooth is shaped and prepared for the insertion of a filling material

      2. Disinfection: Certain types of antimicrobial solutions are used for the destruction of harmful components like bacteria, decay, debris build-up and the remaining part of the infected tissue. This stage is called disinfection and during this stage, your dentist will make sure that all the root canals are adequately sanitised.

      3. Filling And Sealing: In the final stage, a biocompatible material popularly called gutta-percha is used to fill the root canals. It is followed by sealing the canals to prevent the spread of contamination.

      In some cases, a temporary filling in the form of a dental crown may be placed into the root canal to protect the newly treated tooth from further infection until it repairs and finally gets ready for a permanent restoration.

      As the root canal treatment proceeds, your dentist will constantly monitor the process by using X-rays to make sure that all the affected root canals are properly cleaned and remain sealed.

      How Many Sittings Are Needed For A Root Canal?

      The total number of sittings that the dentist will recommend will vary depending on your individual case and its complexity along with the overall condition of your oral health. Typically, 3 sittings are enough to complete all the procedures of any root canal treatment.

      In your first sitting, an inspection of your damaged tooth is done with the help of X-rays to determine the degree to which the tooth has decayed and the areas up to which its infection has spread. If the extent of decay is not high then the infection removal process can begin in the first sitting itself.

      However, in highly complex cases where the infection has taken a gigantic, more severe form, added procedures like draining a bump becomes essential. In such cases scheduling more sittings is important to give enough time for the treatment to proceed. In these additional sittings, the dentist will carry out a thorough cleaning to ultimately seal the infected area with the help of a temporary filling.

      In some cases, pulp canal therapy can be completed in a single sitting, especially if the infection or damage is minimal. However, it’s important to note that each situation is unique, and the dentist will determine the appropriate number of sittings based on the individual’s specific needs.

      On the contrary, simpler cases may require only one sitting to completely clean and remove the infection effectively.

      Nevertheless, it is crucial to always take a consultation with a qualified dentist as they can not only evaluate your specific condition but also give a more accurate estimate of the number of sittings that are required to get a root canal treatment completely done.

      Side Effects Of Root Canal Treatment

      Like any other medical treatment, root canal treatment also has some potential risks, side effects and complications that are not frequent but may occur in some cases.

      These include:

      • After your dentist finishes operating on your teeth, some amount of pain and restlessness is one of the most common side effects. It occurs due to swelling of the tissues that surround the affected tooth and usually subsides within a span of seven to ten days.
      • If your dentist makes a mistake during the filling process of the treated root canal, then due to a lack of filling pain and further complications can develop.
      • The chances of the development of bacterial infection increase if the affected area has not been sealed properly.
      • Abscess is a specific category of bacterial infection that results in the formation of red spots, inflammation and the appearance of mild pain around the gum area.

      Despite these risks, root canal treatment is recommended for long-term oral health and prevention of infection spread.

      Regardless of the above-mentioned risks, a root canal treatment is one of the best dental procedures that you can undergo if you are suffering from an oral infection in order to preserve your long-term dental health.