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    Do You Need A Removable Partial Denture?

    Also called flexible dentures, removable partial dentures are dental prosthetic instruments used for the replacement of single or multiple missing teeth. It has two parts:

    • A base which replicates the colour of your gums
    • Artificially designed replacement teeth that are adhered to the base

    Since these are removable, you can easily take them off to perform regular denture cleaning to maintain good oral health.

    Some situations where removable partial dentures are recommended solution include :

    • Multiple Missing Teeth: If you have lost the majority of your teeth to the extent where normal day-to-day activities like chewing and biting seem to be challenging, then removable partial dentures are a great solution to fill the teeth gaps and restore their proper functioning.
    • Periodontal Disease: For people who have undergone severe gum disease called periodontal disease, tooth loss is a very common aftereffect that can be easily corrected using removable partial dentures.
    • Traumatic Injury: Tooth loss that results from any kind of sports injury, extreme trauma to your jaw or other accidents makes it crucial to opt for a good tooth replacement solution to regain normal oral functioning. In such situations, removable partial dentures are a reliable solution.
    • Genetic Conditions: Some people are born with inherited dental diseases that either impact the proper development of their teeth or hamper growth which ultimately leads to multiple missing teeth or early tooth loss. Removable partial dentures can address all of these issues in a painless way.
    • Tooth Loss Due To Ageing: As people age, so do their internal organs. As a result, your gums start to degrade with age and usage, your teeth might undergo extreme decay or develop cavities which call the need for frequent tooth extractions or you may suffer from natural tooth fall. All these situations ultimately lead to severe tooth loss which must be rectified using dentures to continue dental functioning smoothly and effectively.

    However, there are certain oral conditions in which removable partial dentures may not work the best. That is why it is important to consult a good dental professional to get personalized suggestions on the most suitable type of dentures for your unique needs.

    Therefore if you are in a state of confusion, you can visit us directly at Dr Pithadia’s Clinic in Kharghar. We have a well-qualified team of expert dentists who specialize in providing top-notch quality dental care through proper evaluation of your oral health and individual case studies that help to determine the most suitable denture type for you.

    With high-tech tools, good-quality equipment and years of experience in dentistry, we make sure that you experience the most comfortable treatment using modern techniques. With the vision of making good quality dental care accessible and available for every individual, we make sure that each of our services is fairly priced to fit your budget.

    Types Of Dentures

    The six primary categories of dentures include :

    • Complete Dentures
    • Partial Dentures
    • Immediate Dentures
    • Overdentures
    • Implant-Supported Dentures
    • Immediate Load Dentures


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      Tanvi Joshi
      Tanvi Joshi
      Dr.Urvashi Pithadia is an impeccadle doctor for dental care.All the equipments used here are of latest technology.Consultation given by Dr.Urvashi is insightful.When it comes to your dental care pithadia clinic is a go to place for all your dental solutions.
      Shekh Irfan Ansari
      Shekh Irfan Ansari
      Excellent services
      BHARAT Azamat Ali
      BHARAT Azamat Ali
      Best experienced clinik in Mumbai .and very simapthyfull doctor.fully advanced instrument used in clinic
      Most efficient doctor for dental solutions, my mom got her treatment done here, and the treatment was so smooth and hyginic.
      Sharon Dsouza
      Sharon Dsouza
      Dr Pithadia is a very good doctor and explains the procedure well. Highly recommended.
      vishal pithadiya
      vishal pithadiya
      Excellent service
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      I am very overwhelmed and pleased with the care and treatment the hospital and its staff provide.I had undergone rootcanal treatment which was almost a painless procedure because the doctor took utmost care!!!Extremely grateful for the quality care the provide.Thank you so much!Extremely thankful to Dr Urvashi Pithadiya!!
      Heema Parmar
      Heema Parmar
      Highly recommended for best dental treatment
      deepak bankey
      deepak bankey
      superb 👏🏻


      Meet Our Doctor

      Dr. Urvashi Pithadia

      BDS, MDS

      Meet Dr. Urvashi Vijay Pithadia, a passionate dentist dedicated to creating healthy and beautiful smiles. With a focus on personalized treatment, she educates patients about preventive measures and offers comfortable, painless procedures. Dr. Pithadia completed her undergraduate degree at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital and pursued her postgraduate specialization in Prosthodontics at S.M.B.T. Dental College and Hospital. 


      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure


      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.


      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      Partial Dentures

      Partial dentures are detachable artificial teeth whose function is to replace your missing teeth. The body of partial dentures comprises prosthetic teeth fitted into a base that mimics the appearance and colour of your gums. The whole structure has a support framework made of metal that keeps the denture fixed into its position in your oral cavity.

      The primary aim of partial dentures is to fill those tooth gaps present between your natural, healthy teeth which are created due to the loss of some of your teeth. As a replacement solution, partial dentures not only maintain the aesthetics of your smile but also offer numerous functional benefits.

      Partial dentures are available in varying types with each type having its own uniqueness and purpose. Five prominent categories of partial dentures are discussed below:

      1. Cast Partial Denture (Cast Metal Partial Denture)

      A cast partial denture is also called a cast metal partial denture because it has a metal structure that offers high strength and more durability.

      The key features of a cast partial denture include:

      • It has a lightweight body design
      • It is not as bulky as several other types of dentures
      • It offers a comfortable fitting

      2. Acrylic Partial Dentures

      Acrylic partial dentures are also called flipper dentures. Their entire structure is made from acrylic material.

      The key features include:

      • They are a highly affordable option and are generally available at a lower rate than most other types of dentures.
      • They are best for temporary usage.
      • If you are about to get a permanent dental restoration, then you may be recommended acrylic partial dentures as a pre-treatment step.

      3. Flexible Partial Dentures

      As the name suggests, flexible partial dentures are well-known for their flexibility and comfort level as they are constructed using a thermoplastic material. They are designed to match the natural colour and look of your teeth and gums and are, therefore, an aesthetic and visually appealing option.

      4. Combination Partial Dentures

      Combination partial dentures bring together the goodness and advantages of both: acrylic material and metal. Hence, they are not only strong and durable but also blend well with your teeth to give an aesthetic look.

      5. Implant-Supported Partial Dentures

      These dentures attach to dental implants (a type of tooth replacement solution) to enhance their natural fit. They are placed in a way that compliments the better functioning of both implants and dentures and increases denture stability.

      Complete Dentures (Full Dentures)

      Complete dentures are also called full dentures. They are a detachable dental appliance whose primary purpose is to replace the entire row of missing teeth in either of your upper or lower jaws (or, in some cases, both). They are customized to replicate the natural appearance of your teeth and gums and their fitting is also designed accordingly.

      Complete dentures are the treatment of choice for individuals who have undergone complete tooth loss due to factors like ageing, trauma, periodontal disease etc as these help in the restoration of:

      • Your overall oral appearance including the way your smile forms
      • Chewing
      • Biting
      • Speech problems

      The materials used for making complete dentures include:

      • Acrylic
      • Metal
      • Porcelain
      • A mixture of metal with acrylic

      The two main types of full dentures include:

      1. Conventional Dentures

      The process of placement of conventional dentures involves the removal of all the remaining teeth (including your healthy teeth) from your gums. The treatment consumes a significant amount of time as your gums require proper healing prior to the insertion of the dentures.

      2. Immediate Dentures

      Immediate dentures are pre-prepared dentures that are planted immediately into your mouth after a tooth extraction procedure.

      The main advantage of immediate dentures over conventional dentures is that you don’t have to undergo any healing period (as it involves staying completely without teeth for a while). It saves you from the embarrassment that comes with the questions that arise in the absence of your teeth.

      Why Choose Dr Pithadia for Getting Dentures?

      When To Go For Permanent Dentures And Not Other Treatments?

      Also called implant-supported dentures, permanent dentures are recommended in cases of extensive tooth loss where other tooth replacement treatments like partial or removable dentures may not be able to restore oral functioning completely or efficiently.

      The cooperation of dental implants with dentures helps to create a strong and solid base that ultimately enhances denture stability for long-term use.

      Some conditions in which permanent dentures may work better than other treatments include:

      Extensive Tooth Loss

      Permanent dentures are one of the best treatment options for people who have undergone extreme tooth loss because of reasons like extensive tooth decay, ageing, accidents, sports injuries, trauma or as a side effect of chronic gum diseases.

      They are an all-in-one solution that helps you regain your ability to eat, bite, chew, and speak properly. Moreover, their aesthetic look encourages you to smile freely without any appearance concerns.

      Good Jawbone Health

      Jawbone health is a crucial factor in determining whether permanent dentures would work for you or not. Since these are attached to dental implants that require surgical implantation into your jaw, only people having good jawbone density and volume can benefit from permanent dentures.

      If you have compromised jawbone health, you might need to undergo a bone grafting procedure before getting permanent dentures.

      People With Active Lifestyles

      If you’re a sportsperson or someone who regularly indulges in any kind of physical activity including those related to gym, you can benefit a lot from permanent dentures.

      On comparing them with removable dentures, these are not only stronger and more reliable but also offer greater stability and high durability. Hence, since the need for denture adhesives is eliminated, the chances of your dentures slipping or shifting while performing any physical activity like sports or gym exercises also get eliminated.

      Dentures Price Guide

      The three main determinants that influence the cost of dentures include :

      1. Type

      The cost of dentures varies with the type chosen. The common varieties include:

      • Complete Dentures
      • Partial Dentures
      • Implant-Supported Dentures
      • Immediate Dentures.

      Price is decided based on the quality of materials used for making the denture, the fabrication processes involved and the level and precision of customisation needed.

      2. Materials Used

      Since different denture materials are available at different charges and have varying quality levels, their cost directly impacts the total cost of your dentures. Commonly used denture materials include:

      • Acrylic
      • Porcelain
      • Composite Resin

      Every material comes with its own unique advantages, limitations, lifespan, aesthetics and quality. Likewise, high-quality materials that offer increased comfort, longevity and greater aesthetic appeal tend to be more expensive.

      3. Customization

      While standard denture options are always available, opting for customization with additional features and extras that are specially designed according to the look of your gums and natural teeth directly influences the overall expense.

      Common denture extras include:

      • Gum tinting
      • Tooth shading
      • Attachments such as clasps
      • Other precision attachments

      It is always the best idea to opt for high-quality materials as they offer more comfort, higher durability, enhanced aesthetics and a better overall experience with the dentures.

      Artificial Teeth Price In Kharghar

      The primary factors influencing the total cost of artificial teeth are given below:

      Prosthesis Type: Artificial teeth are available in a broad range of categories such as dental implants, dental bridges, permanent dentures, removable dentures and many more. Each has its own cost depending on its material, quality and advantages. Dental implants are generally more expensive than conventional dentures.

      Material Used:  The quality, price and type of material used for the fabrication of artificial teeth also impacts their final cost. Right from porcelain to acrylic, every material is priced differently. Among these, since porcelain offers better quality when compared with composite resin and acrylic, it has a higher cost.

      Number of Teeth:  Having a greater number of teeth that need replacement results in the requirement of more artificial teeth. As a result, the price rises. For example, if you have lost all of your teeth in the lower jaw, replacement would involve a complete set of dentures for it. Henceforth, the price would be higher than partial dentures that are used for replacing only a few of your missing teeth.

      Complexity: Additional dental corrections such as extraction of severely damaged teeth or bone grafting prior to the insertion of dentures or any other complexities that consume the time and effort of your dentist add up to the overall expense of artificial teeth.

      If your location is Kharghar and you want to explore more options for artificial teeth with a detailed explanation of their approximate prices, you can give us a visit at Dr Pithadia’s clinic. With unbiased advice and personalized treatment plans, we can help you pick out the best type of artificial teeth to fit your needs and budget effectively.

      How to Select the Best Clinic for Dentures?

      If you’re planning to get dentures, here is a list of key factors that can help you choose the best clinic:

      Specialization In Prosthodontics: Look for a dental clinic that has trained and well-qualified dental experts who specialize in prosthodontics (the field of dentistry that deals with teeth replacement treatments using artificial teeth or prosthetic teeth)

      Reputation: It is crucial for a clinic to have a decent reputation with evidence of successful treatments in the form of positive patient feedback and good reviews. Checking the feedback of previous patients gives you an idea about the quality of care they provide and hence helps you make an informed decision.

      Variety of Services:  A reputable dental clinic would offer more than just dentures. Likewise, the availability of additional dental services such as dental implants, bridges etc along with a good variety of denture types and materials to choose from automatically contributes towards higher patient satisfaction and better overall experience.

      Modern Facilities: Modern facilities involve the use of high-end tools and technologies with advanced levels of equipment and methods used for treatment.

      A clinic that is well furnished with the latest technology offers more accurate outcomes with higher comfort levels and minimum chances of adverse effects or infection ultimately ensuring an efficient and risk-free attachment of dentures.

      Apart from these, a good dental clinic is also transparent about their pricing, offers clear and direct communication to address each of your concerns and provides constant ongoing support right from the beginning till you finally get your dentures.

      Remember that good patient relationships and transparency of communication are the key features of a reputed clinic.

      Dentures vs Implants

      Dentures and dental implants are two equally important varieties of tooth replacement treatments. While implants call for the need for surgical placement into your jawbone, dentures offer removability. Implants are typically used for the formation of a secure and stable base before the actual replacement (artificial) teeth can be attached.

      The main factors determining which option is best for your needs  include:

      • Oral Health
      • Bone Density
      • Budget
      • And Personal Preferences

      You must visit a good dentist to get more accurate recommendations.

      Can Dentures Damage Gums?

      While dentures are generally harmless and don’t result in any adverse effects on your oral health, improper fitting and poor management of denture hygiene might lead to gum issues such as :

      • Soreness
      • Inflammation
      • Discomfort 
      • Minor injuries to soft tissues 

      Therefore regular denture cleaning along with proper lifestyle habits to take adequate care of your oral health are crucial for eliminating the risk of infections and related gum diseases. 

      Moreover, regular visits to your dentist to ensure proper fitting and get tips and guidance on good maintenance of dentures and oral hygiene also play an essential role in determining the longevity and functioning of your dentures.