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Are you finding problems in biting and speech because of your missing teeth? If yes, dental implants are the ultimate solution. Dr Pithadia with his skilled and experienced team provides painless and high-quality dental implant services in Kharghar. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest methods, we specialize in implant dentistry to produce results better than your expectations. So, book your consultation today!

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    Do You Need Dental Implants Treatment?

    In dental implant surgery, an imitation of your original tooth root (an artificially made tooth root) is placed into your jawbone. It is generally made of titanium and acts as a strong base for the actual replacement tooth consisting of a dental crown, denture or bridge.

    Dental implants are the treatment of choice in conditions where one or more of your teeth need replacement. Some examples of such conditions include:

    • Single Tooth Damage : The best property of the dental implant procedure is that it doesn’t affect the surrounding teeth. So, if only one of your teeth has undergone injury, is extensively damaged or has severe decay, dental implant surgery is one of the best tooth replacement options.
    • Multiple Teeth Loss : For people who have lost multiple teeth due to any accident, extreme teeth damage, or ageing, dental implants can be used as a great foundation before the placement of other restorations like dental bridges.
    • Complete Tooth Loss : Dental implants are an excellent support system for dentures. So, in case of complete tooth loss where all of your natural teeth require replacement, dental implants enhance the functionality of the fixed as well as removable dentures by providing more comfort and security.
    • Tooth Extraction : Sometimes when dental decay reaches the point where your natural tooth can no longer be preserved using restorative techniques, tooth extraction becomes essential. Placing dental implants after an extraction assists in faster healing, restores functionality and improves your smile’s aesthetics.
    • Jawbone Preservation : When you lose a tooth, your jawbone slowly starts to degrade. This degradation if not prevented on time can lead to more serious dental problems. Dental implants, therefore, help in the prevention of bone loss to preserve your jaw’s structure.

    3 Types of Tooth Implant Procedures

    The three primary categories of two implants include:

    Endosteal Implants

    Endosteal implants are recommended for people who have good bone density. It is one of the most popular categories of dental implants in which the implant is planted straight off into your jawbone.

    A specialized technique called osseointegration is used for the fusion of dental implants in the jawbone. Following osseointegration, the actual replacement tooth called the dental crown can finally be inserted into your jawbone.

    Subperiosteal Implants

    For people who have lesser jawbone density, subperiosteal implants work best. Their placement involves the plantation of a metal framework on the jawbone before the attachment of the artificial teeth.

    All-on-4 Implants

    All-on-4 dental implants are the preferred choice in cases of complete tooth loss. The procedure includes placing four implants on the jawbone followed by the attachment of an entire arch of artificial teeth. The technique is a great way to achieve stable dental functioning through the use of minimum implants.


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      Tanvi Joshi
      Tanvi Joshi
      Dr.Urvashi Pithadia is an impeccadle doctor for dental care.All the equipments used here are of latest technology.Consultation given by Dr.Urvashi is insightful.When it comes to your dental care pithadia clinic is a go to place for all your dental solutions.
      Shekh Irfan Ansari
      Shekh Irfan Ansari
      Excellent services
      BHARAT Azamat Ali
      BHARAT Azamat Ali
      Best experienced clinik in Mumbai .and very simapthyfull doctor.fully advanced instrument used in clinic
      Most efficient doctor for dental solutions, my mom got her treatment done here, and the treatment was so smooth and hyginic.
      Sharon Dsouza
      Sharon Dsouza
      Dr Pithadia is a very good doctor and explains the procedure well. Highly recommended.
      vishal pithadiya
      vishal pithadiya
      Excellent service
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      I am very overwhelmed and pleased with the care and treatment the hospital and its staff provide.I had undergone rootcanal treatment which was almost a painless procedure because the doctor took utmost care!!!Extremely grateful for the quality care the provide.Thank you so much!Extremely thankful to Dr Urvashi Pithadiya!!
      Heema Parmar
      Heema Parmar
      Highly recommended for best dental treatment
      deepak bankey
      deepak bankey
      superb 👏🏻


      Meet Our Doctor

      Dr. Urvashi Pithadia

      BDS, MDS

      Meet Dr. Urvashi Vijay Pithadia, a passionate dentist dedicated to creating healthy and beautiful smiles. With a focus on personalized treatment, she educates patients about preventive measures and offers comfortable, painless procedures. Dr. Pithadia completed her undergraduate degree at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital and pursued her postgraduate specialization in Prosthodontics at S.M.B.T. Dental College and Hospital. 


      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure


      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.


      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      Full Dental Implants: A Complete Teeth Replacement Solution

      Full dental implants are also called:

      • Full-Arch Implants
      • Or, Full-Mouth Implants

      They are an all-in-one solution for people whose majority of natural teeth need replacement. Full-arch implants are one of the best types of dental implants because they offer a permanent teeth replacement solution and ultimately help to restore your oral health and boost confidence by enhancing the overall external aesthetics of your smile.
      Here is the three-step process involved in the procedure of placing full dental implants:

      1. Oral Health Examination

      The dentist will first conduct an examination to check your oral health. It involves dental scans and analysis of your bone density. The first step focuses on determining whether a full dental implant would be suitable for your condition or not.

      2. Placing the Implants

      The second step involves the placement of the required number of implants. In extremely complex cases, all-on-4 dental implants are used.

      3. Osseointegration

      Osseointegration refers to the fusion of the implants with the jawbone to create a strong foundation. During the osseointegration phase, temporary teeth called dentures may be recommended for enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

      4. Placement Of Prosthetic Teeth

      After the dental implants are fused properly with the jawbone, the final step of attaching the prosthetic teeth (artificial teeth made from materials such as porcelain) is initiated. Prosthetic teeth are custom designed to match the natural colour of your teeth so that they seamlessly blend into your smile.

      Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost

      The key determinants of full-mouth dental implants cost include :

      • The complicatedness of your condition
      • The number of dental implants needed
      • The material of the dental implant used
      • And, the area where your chosen dental clinic is located
      • The requirement of additional procedures (if any)

      Bone Grafting for Dental Implants: How Does It Compliment Dental Implant Placement?

      Bone grafting is highly beneficial for people who have a low bone density as the procedure involves the addition of bone material to enhance the volume and strength of your jawbone. It is done prior to the actual dental implant placement procedure to strengthen the power of your jawbone so that it can support the implants better.

      The material used in bone grafting can be obtained from :

      • Your own body
      • A donor
      • Or, synthetic materials

      The main function of this bone material is to encourage the development of new bone cells that ultimately result in higher bone density adding more volume to your jawbone.

      Bone grafting helps to create a solid foundation for the secure and successful placement of dental implants. It is particularly helpful for people who have a damaged or weak jawbone due to a history of oral health issues like:

      • Tooth Loss
      • Dental Trauma
      • Periodontal Disease

      The above-mentioned conditions can hamper the stability of the dental implants and bone grafting helps to prevent this problem efficiently.

      Through bone regeneration, bone grafting procedures increase the longevity of dental implants by strengthening their integration with the nearby bone tissue.

      When to Go for Dental Implants and not other treatments?

      Although dental implants are an excellent solution for a wide variety of oral issues, it is important to note that they might not always be the recommended option.

      However, some situations where dental implant surgery works best include:

      Missing Teeth

      On comparing dental implants with removable dentures and dental bridges, implants are not only more stable but also offer permanent and long-term benefits. Therefore, they are one of the most durable tooth replacement options.

      Patients With Good Jawbone Density

      A healthy jawbone is the most prominent factor determining how well your dental implants would work. Therefore, people having sufficient jawbone density are better candidates for dental implant surgery. For people who have compromised jawbone health, undergoing a bone grafting procedure is necessary to increase the dental implant success rate.

      Excellent Aesthetic Appeal

      Dental implants have the tendency to camouflage your natural teeth. Henceforth, since they closely replicate the look and behaviour of your teeth, they offer an exceptionally aesthetic appearance. Ultimately, they not only beautify your smile but also assist in the restoration of crucial functions like speech, biting and chewing. Overall, they are an all-in-one tooth replacement solution.

      No Adverse Effects On Surrounding Areas

      The dental implant surgery does not impact the surrounding teeth or tissues. Therefore, since it doesn’t depend on nearby teeth for support, it offers little to no risk of damage to your oral health. As a result, you can safely undergo the treatment without facing any kind of adverse effects on your healthy teeth.

      Why Choose Dr Pithadia For A Teeth Transplant?

      Even though teeth transplant using dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure, choosing the right dentist can help to produce better, more successful outcomes. So, if you are in Kharghar then Dr Pithadia is a reliable option because :

      • Unparalleled Expertise : Having years of practice in implant dentistry and skills to work on different cases regardless of their complexity, Dr Pithadia ensures you receive world-class dental care with results that exceed your expectations.
      • Cutting-Edge Technology : Right from modern anaesthesia to high-end dental equipment, our clinic offers more than just standard dental care. With top-notch technology and advanced treatment methods, we ensure precision, accuracy and maximum patient comfort throughout dental implant surgery.
      • Personalized Treatment Plans : Every patient might not prefer the same operative techniques and implant materials. Moreover, the type of oral care needed varies for every person based on a wide variety of determinants. That is why we modify all treatment plans to fit your individual concerns and meet your expectations. Our personalized treatment plans ensure that you get access to the best of our services.
      • Patient-Centred Approach : We believe that apart from the dentist’s skills, experience and expertise, successful treatments result from a good relationship between patients and dentists. Therefore, our team offers clear communication and ensures your involvement in every decision taken.

      Apart from these, we also offer competitive pricing and a comfortable environment so that you can feel at ease throughout the treatment.

      So, book your consultation today!

      Affordable Dental Implants Cost In Kharghar: Unravel The Path To A Healthy Smile Under A Budget

      Here is a list of factors that determine the variation in cost:

      • Number of Dental Implants : The number of dental implants required for treatment depends on the quantity of missing teeth. If the majority of your teeth need replacement, the overall cost of dental implant surgery would increase.
      • Case Complexity and Additional Procedures : Sometimes because of the need for additional procedures like bone grafting along with your dental implant surgery, the charges might go up depending on the complexity of the procedure.
      • Implant Type : Dental implants come in various materials and types. While standard implant materials may cost less, premium ones have higher pricing. Therefore, the quality, type and material of your dental implants directly influence the total treatment cost.
      • Dentist’s Expertise : Dentists with more experience and those who possess specialization in carrying out a significant number of dental implant surgeries may charge more for their skills and expertise.
      • Diagnostic Tests : Diagnostic tests like CT scans and X-rays along with imaging studies are sometimes necessary for better treatment. The cost of these tests influences the final price of your dental implant surgery.

      For more details on the dental implant cost in Kharghar, contact us today at Dr Pithadia’s clinic. We offer unbiased advice, affordable pricing and personalized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of every patient.

      How to Select the Best Clinic for Dental Implants?

      Picking the right clinic is a huge determinant of your dental implant success rate. Here are some key factors you can consider to make an informed choice :

      Expertise Of The Dental Professionals: Pick a clinic that is staffed with skilled dentists who have gained mastery in practising dental implant procedures. You can carry out research to find out about their qualifications and years of experience to determine their specialization.

      State-of-the-art Technology: The use of modern facilities such as good quality equipment and advanced technology directly results in more precise and painless treatments. It also contributes towards accurate diagnosis and ultimately generates better outcomes.

      Patient Testimonials: You can go onto the dental clinic’s website to get an insight into patients’ experiences through their reviews and feedback. Positive reviews stating successful treatment stories can play a great role in helping you decide which dental clinic to choose.

      Patient-Specific Treatment Plans: Understanding your individual needs is the first step towards generating a treatment plan that will best suit you. That is why it is important to look for a dental clinic with dentists who listen to your concerns, provide consultation, and take care of your preferences to formulate the best dental implant treatment plan.

      Communication: Clear communication between the dental professionals and the patient is a crucial step towards ensuring successful treatment because communication gaps affect the overall process. Look for a clinic that believes in transparent communication and provides all the required information including the overall cost of dental implants in advance.

      What are the side effects of tooth implants?

      Even though tooth implants are one of the most well-tolerated dental treatments, some potential side effects that you might come across include:

      Discomfort: Some amount of pain or discomfort is very common after you get your implant surgery done. However, it is generally temporary and can be easily managed using prescription-based pain medications.

      Infection: In rare cases, there are chances of the development of an infection. Your dentist might prescribe antibiotics to eliminate this risk.

      Nerve Damage: Nerve damage is one of the rarest side effects of tooth implants. It results in symptoms like numbness, tingling etc in the areas that surround the implant site. The good news is that this side effect does not require any treatment and goes away on its own.

      Inflammation: Inflammation in the form of bruising and swelling usually around the site of implantation is another common adverse effect that takes some days to subside.

      Implant Failure: Dental implants usually have a high success rate but if you don’t take proper care of your oral hygiene, smoke or develop any other dental problems, the chances of an implant failure increase.

      How long do teeth implants usually last?

      The longevity of your teeth implants depends on the level of oral hygiene you can maintain and the kind of lifestyle habits you practice daily. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants have the potential to last for a very long time and sometimes even a lifetime.

      The key factors determining the lifespan of your dental implants include:

      • Oral hygiene practices
      • Overall health
      • The material of the dental implant
      • Lifestyle habits
      • The quality of the implant procedure

      The most common material used for making dental implants and the one that most dentists typically prescribe is titanium. It is known to last for a duration of more than thirty years.