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    Do You Need Tooth Alignment?

    The process that involves positioning and straightening your teeth to enhance the way they function and look is called tooth alignment. Various treatments like clear aligners or braces are used to correct dental problems such as crooked or crowded teeth. These treatments ultimately result in a more attractive and harmonious smile.

    Tooth alignment is generally recommended in case of the following dental issues:

    • Crooked Teeth: Deformed, distorted or misaligned teeth tend to impact the way your smile looks. Sometimes, it can also cause problems with biting and chewing. In such cases, teeth alignment treatments are a good solution.
    • Overcrowded Teeth: When your jaws can’t make room for all of your teeth, overcrowding occurs. Tooth alignment helps to create space for proper accommodation by arranging your teeth systematically.
    • Gaps between Teeth: The empty spaces present between your teeth are called diastema. Diastema can be effectively treated using teeth alignment so that you can accomplish your goal of having a more uniform smile.
    • Bite Issues: When your upper and lower teeth are abnormally aligned, issues like underbites, overbites and crossbites can happen. Additionally, it also creates hindrances in speaking and chewing. Tooth alignment improves your overall oral functioning by correcting all of these issues.
    • Oral Health Concerns: In some cases, it may become difficult to take adequate care of the improperly aligned teeth as they can be challenging to clean. This increases the risk of gum diseases while simultaneously leading to the buildup of tooth decay. Tooth alignment, therefore, eliminates these possibilities to provide you with better oral health.
    • Self-Confidence: People who have abnormally aligned teeth might feel self-conscious while smiling or laughing in public. Tooth alignment not only boosts their self-esteem but also helps them regain their confidence to stay more presentable in social settings.
    • Dental Restoration: Certain dental restorative treatments like dental crowns or implants may call for the need for teeth alignment to facilitate better fit and function.
    • Orthodontic Relapse: Orthodontic relapse refers to the situation where your teeth start going back to their actual positions after you have undergone a specific orthodontic treatment. Tooth alignment addresses this issue efficiently.
    • Speech Problems: Sometimes misaligned teeth can impact your pronunciation and cause problems in speaking with clarity. Tooth alignment helps to deal with such speech problems effectively.

    Ceramic Braces vs. Metal Braces: A Comparison

    Both ceramic and metal braces are common orthodontic solutions for teeth misalignment issues. While both of these treatments are effective in straightening teeth, there are some differences because of which one option might work better for some individuals than the other.

    Here is a quick comparison:

    Metal Braces

    Metal braces are generally cheaper than ceramic braces. They are also highly durable and take comparatively lesser time to produce desired results, especially in cases of severe tooth misalignment. In fact, you can also customize them by using colourful elastic bands.

    However, they have certain limitations that make them a less favourable option than ceramic braces:

    • Increased Visibility: Metal braces are highly noticeable. So, you have to compromise on your smile aesthetics as you undergo treatment with them.
    • Bulkier Design: Metal braces are not only heavier than ceramic braces but sometimes they might even cause irritation and dental soreness.
    • Appearance Issues: Elastic bands have the tendency to undergo staining as the treatment progresses. These stains worsen the appearance of your braces.
    • Require More Maintenance: You need to invest extra time and effort into cleaning your metal braces in order to maintain good oral hygiene.

    Apart from these, you may also need to avoid eating certain food items to protect your metal braces from getting damaged. Moreover, sometimes treatment duration using metal braces may be longer than that of ceramic braces.

    Ceramic Braces

    Also called ceramic brackets or tooth-coloured braces, ceramic braces are a near-to-invisible and visually pleasing method of teeth straightening.

    The key features of ceramic braces include:

    • Less noticeable due to tooth-coloured or clear brackets
    • More comfortable
    • Stain-resistant
    • Costlier than metal braces

    In conclusion, the decision of choosing between ceramic or metal braces depends on factors like your personal preferences, budget and your oral health analysis. The first step to a healthier and straighter smile is consulting with a qualified orthodontist to examine your needs and suggest the best option for your individual requirements.


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      Most efficient doctor for dental solutions, my mom got her treatment done here, and the treatment was so smooth and hyginic.
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      Dr Pithadia is a very good doctor and explains the procedure well. Highly recommended.
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      vishal pithadiya
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      Dr Vivek Dhomane
      I am very overwhelmed and pleased with the care and treatment the hospital and its staff provide.I had undergone rootcanal treatment which was almost a painless procedure because the doctor took utmost care!!!Extremely grateful for the quality care the provide.Thank you so much!Extremely thankful to Dr Urvashi Pithadiya!!
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      Meet Our Doctor

      Dr. Urvashi Pithadia

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      Meet Dr. Urvashi Vijay Pithadia, a passionate dentist dedicated to creating healthy and beautiful smiles. With a focus on personalized treatment, she educates patients about preventive measures and offers comfortable, painless procedures. Dr. Pithadia completed her undergraduate degree at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital and pursued her postgraduate specialization in Prosthodontics at S.M.B.T. Dental College and Hospital. 


      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure


      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.


      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      One-Stop Dental Services

      One-Stop Dental Services for All Your Oral Health Needs. From Check-ups to Implants, Trust Our Expert Team for a Healthy, Confident Smile.

      World-Class Infrastructure

      Our State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology Ensure Precision, Comfort, and Superior Treatments for Your Dental Health and Beautiful Smile.

      Premium Experience at Affordable Price

      Our Commitment to Excellence and Competitive Pricing Ensures Superior Care and Stunning Results Without Compromising Your Budget. Experience affordable dental service today.

      Ceramic Braces For Adults: What Is The Procedure?

      Here’s a step-by-step overview of the process involved in getting ceramic braces:

      1. Initial Consultation: Take an appointment with your orthodontist to consult him regarding your treatment goals and dental requirements.

      2. Treatment Plan: The initial discussion results in the formation of a customized treatment plan that focuses on your particular orthodontic issues.

      3. Preparing the Teeth: Teeth preparation includes processes like teeth cleaning followed by their polishing so that the ceramic braces can be placed correctly into them.

      4. Bonding the Brackets: Ceramic brackets are then bonded to the front surface of your teeth by using dental adhesives.

      5. Archwire Placement: After the adherence of ceramic braces into your teeth, the archwire is implanted and adjustments are made regularly to ultimately achieve the desired teeth alignment.

      6. Ligatures or Elastic Ties: There are certain varieties of ceramic braces that might call the need for elastic ties that bind the archwire to the ceramic brackets. These are available in both coloured as well as invisible options.

      7. Adjustments and Tightening: Once you get your ceramic braces attached, you will have to visit your orthodontist regularly to make necessary adjustments and to check whether your teeth are moving as per the treatment plan or not.

      As you undergo treatment with aesthetic braces, it is crucial to stay in touch with your orthodontist and strictly follow his instructions. Moreover, properly cleaning your ceramic braces and maintaining your oral health are also essential to get the most out of your treatment.

      Advantages of Clear Braces

      Clear braces offer a lot of benefits that make them a good option for both adults and teenagers.

      Some of their main advantages include:

      Aesthetic Appearance: Clear braces are almost invisible because they are made from transparent materials. Therefore, they blend in well with your natural teeth colour helping you to regain your confidence with a beautiful smile.

      Comfortable: Ceramic braces have smoother edges and there are no projecting wires that might cause oral wounds, irritation or discomfort. As a result, the wearable experience is much better than the traditional metal braces.

      Versatility: Whether it is crooked teeth, gaps between teeth or simple tooth misalignments, clear braces are a versatile treatment option that solves all of these problems.

      Shorter Treatment Time: On making a comparison of ceramic braces with traditional braces, it is evident that ceramic braces generally consume a lesser amount of treatment time in some cases.

      Better Oral Hygiene: If you opt for removable clear braces, it becomes easier to take care of your oral hygiene. Consequently, the chances of decay buildup and the occurrence of gum diseases also lessen.

      Minimum Speech Impact: Unlike heavy metal braces, clear braces don’t have much impact on your speech and pronunciation. Besides, there might be only minor speech changes that generally fade out within a short span.

      Boost Confidence: Clear braces offer a better visual appeal by being nearly invisible and almost unnoticeable. You don’t have to be self-conscious about your smile aesthetics as you go about performing your day-to-day activities while you are on the treatment.

      Suitable For All Ages: Clear braces suit everyone. Right from school-going teenagers to adults who don’t want to answer questions about their ongoing dental treatment with braces, everyone can get this discreet orthodontic solution.

      Why Choose Dr Pithadia's Clinic for Orthodontic Braces?

      Dr Pithadia’s clinic is a reputable dental care centre located in Kharghar. Here are some reasons why Dr Pithadia is your best bet to get ceramic braces:

      • Expertise: Dr Pithadia and his team are well-experienced in performing successful orthodontic treatments. They are highly proficient in their skills and they make sure that you can reap the best of their dental care services.
      • Advanced Techniques: The clinic is completely equipped with all the necessary tools and technology and orthodontic treatments are performed using the latest techniques to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
      • Personalized Treatment: The type of dental care needed differs for every patient. Therefore, we tailor the treatment plans to suit your individual situation so that you can receive personalized care that ultimately produces optimal results.
      • Comprehensive Services: Dr Pithadia offers a significant variety of orthodontic services. From ceramic braces to invisible aligners and even traditional metal braces, you can choose your desired solution all in one place.
      • Patient Comfort: Your comfort is our responsibility. We make sure that you don’t feel alienated or uncomfortable in even the slightest way throughout your orthodontic treatment journey. Our clinic has a friendly and welcoming environment that ensures you have a pleasant and painless experience.
      • Transparent Communication: We run on the principle of clear communication. The team will provide you direct and detailed information about your treatment plan while also informing you timely about its progress, and expected results.
      • Affordable Options: Dr Pithadia’s clinic not only offers competitive pricing but we also make sure that good quality dental care is accessible and affordable for all individuals of varying financial backgrounds. Hence, you can avail the highest quality orthodontic treatment without digging a hole in your pocket.

      In conclusion, if you are looking for a place that can fulfil your dreams of achieving a beautiful, attractive and perfectly aligned smile that helps you shine, making you the life of every social event, then Dr Pithadia’s clinic is your one-stop destination.

      So, book a consultation today to experience a magical transformation!

      When To Go For Transparent Braces And Not Other Treatments?

      Transparent braces, also called invisible braces, are one of the finest categories of aesthetic braces. Here are some instances where transparent braces might be the preferred orthodontic solution over other treatments:

      Mild to Moderate Misalignments: Transparent braces can correct mild to moderate tooth misalignments like:

      • Crowded teeth
      • Gaps
      • Slight malocclusions

      Removability: Invisible braces are removable. They enable patients to take them off while eating, brushing and flossing. Hence, oral hygiene becomes more manageable.

      Comfort: Transparent braces are made from smooth, comfortable materials that reduce the likelihood of irritation or discomfort typically associated with traditional braces.

      Aesthetic Appeal: Transparent braces are virtually invisible. So, if you are concerned about your braces’ appearance during the treatment, then they are a good choice to opt for.

      Active Lifestyle: These are great for people who engage in regular physical activity or play sports as they don’t have any brackets and wires that pose the risk of oral wounds or injuries.

      Metal Allergies: Transparent braces are ideal for individuals who have metal allergies as these are completely metal-free and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort that comes with metal braces.

      Occasional Straightening: These work great for minor teeth adjustments and shifting your teeth back to the desired position if they have undergone any movement after orthodontic treatment has already taken place.

      It is important to note that regardless of the effectiveness and convenience that transparent braces offer, they might not be the best orthodontic solution for every individual. Therefore, you must not neglect a consultation with a qualified dentist to help you decide the best treatment option by carefully evaluating your specific case.

      Ceramic Braces Cost In Kharghar

      Ceramic braces cost in Kharghar can vary significantly.

      Here is a list of factors on which the ultimate expense of getting tooth-coloured braces depends:

      • The Complexity of the Orthodontic Case: The extent of misalignment and the complicatedness of the procedures required to carry out your orthodontic treatment influences its overall cost. Highly complex cases generally require more time and need frequent adjustments and an increased number of visits to your dentist. All these factors lead to an increase in the cost.
      • Treatment Duration: More the duration of your treatment, higher would be its charges.
      • Orthodontist’s Experience and Expertise: A dentist’s fees vary with the level of experience and expertise they possess. So, a dental professional who has specialized in orthodontics and has a history of producing successful results with their service of providing ceramic braces might charge more.
      • Type of Ceramic Braces: The market has a wide variety of ceramic braces that you can choose from. There are different brands and some of them may even provide additional benefits in terms of visual appeal and aesthetics ultimately impacting the cost of ceramic braces.
      • Additional Treatments: Sometimes, additional treatments like tooth extraction may be required for efficient teeth straightening along with ceramic braces. These extra dental procedures add up to increase the cost of treatment.

      To get personalized advice and a more accurate estimation of the cost of ceramic braces in Kharghar, contact us today at Dr Pithadia’s clinic. Our team of skilful orthodontists will examine your oral health to recommend the most appropriate treatment plan as per your preferences.

      How to Select the Best Clinic for Dental Braces?

      Choosing a good dental clinic is the first and the most important step that decides the quality of the orthodontic treatment you will receive. depends on many factors.

      Here are some factors you must consider:

      • Expertise: There are different dentists for different dental needs. To unveil a comfortable and hassle-free treatment experience, you must make sure that the dentist you are choosing specializes in orthodontics. You can also check their credentials and qualifications to analyze their expertise.
      • Reputation and Reviews: A good dental clinic always has a history of satisfied patients that ultimately gives them a good reputation. You can perform research by reading patients’ reviews online. Positive feedback can guide you and give you an idea about the quality of care given.
      • Technology: Select a clinic that uses the latest and the most advanced technology to carry out dental procedures. The use of modern equipment leads to a greater level of precision and accuracy that eventually produces better outcomes.
      • Transparent Pricing: The clinic must provide you with a clear outline of the overall expenses that they would charge for the complete orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces. They should be transparent about their pricing and inform you in advance about any additional charges (if needed)
      • Before-and-After Images: Getting dental braces means undergoing a complete transformation that would change the way the area around your mouth looks. Consequently, it impacts not only your smile and laugh but also your speech. Therefore, it is crucial to see the before-and-after images of the clinic’s previous patients to have a rough idea about the staff’s capabilities.

      Do Ceramic Braces Turn Yellow?

      The material that is used to make ceramic braces is not only stain-resistant but also blends in well with your natural teeth because it is tooth-coloured. However, it’s not right to claim that they stay totally unaffected by stains. They might develop slight discoloration with use but the intensity of it is much lesser than metal braces.

      The ceramic brackets contain some metal parts like wires, elastic ties etc that are generally more prone to discolouration.

      To reduce the chances of staining, you must stay disciplined to maintain good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing after meals. You must also avoid staining edibles like coffee, red wine, tea and food that contain food colouring. Frequently visiting your dentist to get the cleaning done and to make the necessary adjustments also helps to create a good defence against discolouration.

      How Long Do You Have To Wear Ceramic Braces?

      The duration of your treatment with ceramic braces depends on a large number of factors including the complexity of your individual situation, the extent of tooth misalignment and the presence of gaps between your teeth.

      Generally, this duration is between one to three years.

      However, if any extra procedures like a root canal or tooth extraction are required for your orthodontic treatment to produce better outcomes, Then the length of the treatment would increase.